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I forgot my password / login. What do I do?
Please go to Login to your account section of our site and click Forgot Password button.

Should you have any difficulties with this, please contat our Support Team via or call on 020 8144 8320.

How much is the shipping?
Delivery to UK mainland is free of charge. Should you wish to split an order and ship to numerous locations - please contact us for a quote: or call on 020 8144 8320.
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Can I change the delivery address?
Before you place an order you can specify the delivery address. During account registration the default shipping address is set to your address. Changing the delivery address after placing an order is only possible by contacting our Support Team on 020 8144 8320.

Can I pick a parcel from your place?
No. We will courier each order to a specified delivery address.

Can I specify a delivery address to a non-UK address?
No. We have partner shops across the EU covering various countries and we recommend you find one delivering to the country of your interest.

What is the turnaround time?
The turnaround times are product specific and can be found in the specifications of each product. The turnaround time starts the next working day after it was both paid in full and the proof accepted. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more details.

Do you offer an express turnaround?
Yes. We offer an extra Express Turnaround on some of our products. Please refer to the specification of each product for details.

I have custom sized product. Can you print it for me?
Yes. Please contact our Support Team for a quote at or on 020 8144 8320.

I have a custom product unavailable on your website? Can you print it for me?
Yes. Please contact our Support Team for a quote at or on 020 8144 8320.

How long does it take to receive a custom quote?
We aim to reply to your quote within 3-4 hours.

Is it possible to have DaabPrint design a project for me?
Yes. You can specify such a request at the time of placing an order.

Can you rescale a project to meet specific requirements?
Yes. You can specify an extra adjustments to the artwork at the time of placing an order.

Can I order an A4 flyer, that holds two A5 flyers and have it cut to A5 format?
No. An A4 leaflet will always be cut to A4 format. The same goes for other available formats.

Can I order a reprint of an old order placed with DaabPrint without having to upload the artwork again?
Only if the original order is not older then a month. You will still need to place an order and re-accept the proof. For older orders, the files will have to be uploaded again.

Can I cancel my order?
Cancellation is only possible prior to accepting the PDF Proof. Should you wish to cancel, please contact our Supprt Team on info@daabprint or on 020 8144 8320.

Can I check the current status of my order?
DaabPrint keeps informing about any changes to an order via e-mail. You can also see what is happening by monitoring your order details on our site.

Bleed - what is it?
Bleed is an area of the project that is being cut off at the final stages of production.

What is a PDF Proof?
It is a normalised and standarised PDF file (PDF/X-4 compliant file) based on submitted project that simulates the final print. A customer is required to check the Proof thoroughly for any spelling mistakes or other problems. By accepting the Proof you agree that a printing process may be started.

Can you upload a project for me from an xxx.yyy.zzz server?
No. Project files can only be submitted by one of the following: (i) via online upload form, (ii) via e-mail, or (iii) on a CD sent to us.

Can I ask you to start printing without acceppting the PDF Proof?
No. We need your approval every time.

Can I still print a project that was rejected at the PreFlight Check?
Yes. Please contact our Support Team on or on 020 8144 8320 for details. We will not honour any claims arising in such an event.


payment offers professional online printing services. We specialize in flyers printing, folded leaflets printing, folders printing, brochures printing, booklets printing, compliment slips, posters and business cards printing. With express turnaround available on most of the products you can trust us with your important order. Free delivery on mainland UK printing orders. 

When you want to start designing your artwork, you first need to make sure you have a list of all the requirements needed for this design.

The Template is the correct size with an additional layer on top to show you where the bleed and the safety space limits are. This layer must be removed before submitting the artwork. When designing the artwork you can refer back to this layer to make sure your artwork conforms to the limits set by this layer.  Continue reading ...